Tie-Perfect   US Pat No. 5,216,785  made in USA 

 A new invisible tie accessory called Tie-Perfect would add to the individual's appearance by keeping his Tie in place without Clips, Pins, Velcro or Tape.

"Tie-Perfects" are currently used by hundreds of thousands of Tie wearers.

It's the ultimate invisible Tie-Holder (it's transparent and blends with any color). The Tie-Holder can be worn underneath any Tie regardless of the position of your Tie loop. Your Tie will never have to be retied.

Tie-Perfect works smoother than other Tie-Holders on the market today.


  * A most useful accessory *

  5 Tie-Perfects ( Part #10040-minimum ORDER ) $24.00 includes shipping – in USA only.

20 Tie-Perfects ( Part #10040 no imprint bulk ) $50.00 includes shipping – in USA only.

48 Tie-Perfects ( Part #10040 no imprint bulk ) $90.00 includes shipping – in USA only.

You will be invoiced for the TIE-PERFECTS and Payment is DUE upon receipt of Order.

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special pricing for religious & charitable organizations in quantities of 125 Pcs or more

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Easy to use:
Simply attach first leaf onto Shirt Button at the Welded End (up or down). Slide outer leaf through Tie loop and button three loose ends to shirt button.



 Part # 10050-P - Printed Version - Minimum Order 125  TIEPERFECTS -               Please check for prices (royal blue print = best pricing)



Generic store version (card pack)

Part # 10045-NP

Tie-Perfects use in Business: As an advertising specialty item personalized with company logo and info.


Part # 10050-P

or Card Pack

Part # 13050-PCP

Tie-Perfect fits easily into a business-size envelope for mailing! Imprinted with your name and logo.

Imprint colors: Royal Blue (best price) other colors (extra setup & color charge)

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